Smooth Green Snake Conservation - Least Concern

This snake is listed as Vulnerable in the State of Virginia

Scientific Name
Opheodrys vernalis
Also Known As
Grass Snake, Spring Snake
Thin Green Body With Yellowish Belly
Litter Size
3 - 13 Eggs per Birth
Life Span
6 Years
11 - 20 Inches

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Smooth Green Snake

Smooth Green Snake Description

Smooth Green Snake Appearance

This is a thin bright green snake with a yellow belly and smooth scales.
This coloration helps it camouflage in the grass.
When they die their color fades into a blackish or blue color. Making identification difficult for expired individuals


This snake is normally between 11 to 20 inches long, however, the record length for this snake is about 26 inches. The record found in Virginia is 22.4 inches.

Juveniles tend to be 5 inches long.

Smooth Green Snake

This snake’s main color is a dark brown with cream belly

Smooth Green Snake Behavior

These snakes are solitary creatures, and can be seen lying on rocks and logs on warm summer days.

During the winter these snakes hibernate where they hide in burrows, ant hills, and other dug out areas underground. This is where these snakes start hanging out in groups.

If these snakes are threatened they will flee. But when handled by humans they usually get excited and become very docile.

It is illegal in Virginia to keep Wild Snakes as pets

Range and Habitat of The Smooth Green Snake


These can be found in Northwestern Virginia, however, due to encroachment, their range is getting smaller and smaller. These snakes are found throughout the Northern United States and Canada. Although there are some that are in the American Southwest such as New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah.


They can be found in moist areas and areas near permanent water sources. As such, they can be found in meadows, marshes, stream banks, and open woods.

Smooth Green Snake Map Range

Human encroachment is pushing these snakes away from Virginia.


Their diet only consists of insects. They like to eat spiders, harvestmen, worms, caterpillars, snails, moths, ants, and slugs.

Reproduction and Young


Mating for these snakes occur in the May or August, and sometimes in the fall. Their eggs will hatch in August and early September.

Eggs and Young

Females will lay 3 to 13 eggs in nests on the ground. These nests can be located in rodent burrows, discarded vegetation, sawdust piles, or logs.
Juveniles will have the same coloration and patterns as the adults, but the colors will be very muted. At birth the juveniles are measured at 5 inches long. These juveniles will be independent immediately after birth.
Smooth Green Snake

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