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Virginia Snake Removal is dedicated to humanely removing snakes from homes and properties across Virginia. With over 25 years of experience, our family-owned company specializes in the ethical trapping and relocation of all snake species found in the state. We are fully licensed and insured to safely extract snakes from houses, yards, garages and more.

Our team of qualified snake trapping experts use safe and effective control methods to trap snakes without harm. We carefully identify each snake to measure it’s threat to you, then we closely follow VDWR’s (Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources) guidelines on snake removal and relocation. Our environmentally friendly snake removal process focuses on protecting both your property and our local snake populations.

Our Snake Trapping Process

  • 1

    Identify and Locate the Snake

    Our expert snake trappers will thoroughly inspect your property to identify and pinpoint the location of the snake. We do this to make sure if the snake poses any threat to you or us. We determine areas where snakes may be entering from or hiding.

  • 2

    Careful Trapping Using Humane Methods

    Using gentle control methods and specialized humane trapping equipment like snake tongs and secure containers, we carefully trap the snake by hand or with nets. In rare occasions we set up traps where we check bi-monthly, to make sure we caught the snake. Caution is taken to prevent bites during removal.

  • 3

    Transport Snake for Relocation

    Trapped snakes are safely transported in secure bags or containers. We relocate harmless snakes to suitable habitats away from people. We follow the laws set up by the VDWR and follow their recommendations.

  • 4

    Clean Up and Prevent Future Issues

    We sanitize the area and make habitat modifications as needed to discourage future snake issues. We educate on snake prevention, and offer pest control to prevent any future snake encounters.

one of our technician holding a caught garter snake from one of our traps

Snakes We Trap in Virginia

As professional snake trappers serving all of Virginia, we are equipped to handle both harmless and venomous snakes found in the state. Through proper identification and safe capture methods, we remove all snakes that pose risks to homes and families. This list is just some of the snakes we trap. Rest assured, We Trap All Snakes in Virginia

A copperhead as shown here is one of the most common misidentified snake here in Virginia


cottonmouth snake Virginia


Virginia Timber Rattlesnake on Fence

Timber Rattlesnake

Eastern Garter Snake - Main

Garter Snake

Northern Ring-Necked Snake in Hand

Ring-necked Snake

Eastern Rat Snake in Hand

Rat Snake

Close-up of Nothern Black Racer

Black Racer

Plain-bellied Watersnake


We Will Trap Snakes Anywhere!

As professional snake removal experts, we are fully equipped to extract snakes that have entered homes or populated outdoor areas around properties in Virginia. Our team has extensive experience trapping snakes from virtually any spot on a property they may be hiding or living.

Using specialized tools and proven humane methods, we are able to carefully remove snakes from difficult spaces like crawl spaces, vents, under porches, and more. Our thorough process ensures we eliminate current snakes while implementing preventative measures against future occurrences.

We remove all snakes that have accessed attics through small holes or openings. Access is gained to attics and safe snake removal equipment is utilized. We seal up access points snakes used to enter attics.

For basements we check all cracks in the foundation and eliminate entry routes for snakes. Humane snake traps effectively capture basement snakes for us to relocate outdoors. We apply weather stripping and sealants to discourage future basement access.

Gaining access to tight crawlspaces, we use headlamps to locate snakes sheltering underneath. Long snake tongs allow safe removal from deep within crawlspaces. Entry points are sealed up to prevent more snakes entering crawlspaces.

Snakes occasionally find their way into home closets with access through walls or vents. We thoroughly search closets and leverage specialty snake poles to remove them. Vent screens are installed to deter future closet intrusions.

We remove snakes hiding amongst garage clutter or coiled up on rafters/beams. Durable grasping equipment safely lifts snakes off high perches for relocation. Points of garage access are sealed and clutter removed to deter repeat snake issues.

Entering stagnant sheds, we use hook tools to lift snakes from cluttered floors and corners. Hive-dwelling snakes are humanely removed from sheds without harm. We advise proper storage procedures and access sealing to prevent shed snakes.

Gaps between deck boards offer shelter for snakes to slide under. We block off space below decks and use gas powered vacuums to safely extract them. Any cracks or holes along the deck foundation are sealed off.

Scanning under porches, snakes are located and gently removed with specialized grasping tools. The surrounding porch perimeter is thoroughly checked for potential access holes. Doors/windows with broken screens are repaired to stop snakes entering.

Pool skimmers and filtration systems are checked for trapped snakes to relocate. Nets safely lift out any snakes swimming in pool water. We install tight, mesh barriers around pool fences to block snake access.

Thick gardening gloves protect hands while moving items snakes may hide under. Open gardens allow us to easily capture and bag snakes for transport. Recommendations are made to tidy gardens and seal veggie planter boxes.

Yards with heavy shrubbery or wood piles receive thorough inspections for snakes. Specialized pins allow safe handling of aggressive snakes out in the open. We advise clearing debris piles that offer shelter and trimming back dense vegetation.

Vent hood screens are removed allowing snake grabbers to extract snakes inside ducts. Duct openings throughout the home are covered with new pest mesh screens. Air duct cleaning cleans out any remnants to prevent future snake occupancy.

Relocating Trapped Snakes

The humane treatment of snakes we remove is extremely important. When we trap nonvenomous snake species, we carefully transport them in secure containers and release them into pre-scouted habitats away from residential areas. These habitats allow the snakes to safely reintegrate into their natural environments.

If we encounter venomous snakes on a property, we safely contain the snakes and directly contact wildlife management agencies. We coordinate with these agencies to transport venomous snakes to approved recreation areas or wildlife sanctuaries and track release locations. The considerate relocation of both harmless and dangerous snakes preserves native wildlife while protecting community safety.

Venomous Water Mossasin that We Caught

Serving Snake Trapping Customers Across Virginia

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We proudly offer snake trapping services across many regions of Virginia, including:

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  • Fredericksburg
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  • Norfolk
  • Richmond
  • Roanoke
  • Virginia Beach
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