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Virginia Snake Trapping: Does It Need to Go Away?

We understand that snake removal is usually an emergency, but these reptiles are dangerous and it is best to leave them alone until they leave on their own. Snakes are classified as non-game animals here in Virginia and due to this, it is illegal to kill snakes in Virginia unless they are a clear and present danger.

Snakes are highly beneficial to the environment and will keep unwanted pests such as rodents and mice away from your property. But if the snake absolutely must be gone, or it is in your home then action must be taken. Snakes are highly dangerous and there are venomous snakes in Virginia and getting bit by one is life-threatening. This is why we at Virginia Snake Removal try for exclusion rather than trapping. Please call us at (540) 388-4038 for a professional snake removal expert.

Issues With Trapping Snakes Yourself

Snakes are dangerous creatures, and here in Virginia, we have 3 venomous snakes. Copperhead, Water Moccasin/Cottonmouth, and the Timber Rattlesnake. If you are bit by any of these, their poison is lethal and you must seek medical attention. That’s not even including if the snakes bite any of your arteries, which can cause major bleeding.

There is also the issue of dealing with the snake now that you caught it. In Virginia, it is illegal to kill or relocate snakes without a permit. Here at Virginia Snake Removal, we have the required permits to remove, and if needed to kill snakes in Virginia.

Caught Water Moccasin. Call us for our Virginia Snake Trapping Program!

Virginia Snake Trapping: How We Do it.

We at Virginia Snake Removal take the utmost caution when dealing with snakes. We first try to find the area the snake was last and use snake tongs to grab them. If we cannot find the snake then we will use our snake traps and check them weekly to make sure we have grabbed the snake.

Once again, you must not try to grab the snake yourself. Almost all snake bites occur when someone is trying to grab the snake. If you have to make sure to wear safety equipment and use long instruments so that you are away from striking range. Remember, the snake is more afraid of you than it. And will never if rarely chase after you, it is more likely you will be the one to chase after it.

If You Have Been Bit Follow This Guide:

  1. Try to see and remember the color, and shape of the snake, this will help in faster treatment for the bite
  2. Keep the bitten person still and calm. Panic will increase heart rate and spread the venom through the body faster
  3. Dial 911 or instruct someone to dial 911 if you are the one administering first aid
  4. Apply First Aid
    1. Lay or sit the person down with the bite below the level of the heart.
    2. Tell him/her to stay calm and still.
    3. Wash the wound with warm soapy water immediately.
    4. Cover the bite with a clean, dry dressing.