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Snakes Under the House

Here in Virginia, it is not uncommon for snakes to find a home under yours in the crawl space.  These creatures are looking for food and comfortable temperatures.  Both of these can easily be found in the crawlspace or walls.  Crawl spaces tend to be cooler because of the temperature of the home and they are shielded from the sun.  The cooler temperature in the summer is perfect for Snakes who are most active in the warmer months.

Many other types of wildlife can be there as well and they will attract other animals.  Such frogs, mice, rats, toads, squirrels, and other critters are all prey and they lead the snakes right to them.  Due to this, it is important to call wildlife experts whenever you see any type of animal near your home.  Some animals can lead to even worse infestations if not caught early.  Call us today for an inspection.

Open areas such as these leads to Snakes under the Home

How Did They Get in?

For snakes to go into your home, they would need to find something attractive about your home and a way to get into your home. As highlighted in our Exclusions Page, lawn care is the optimal way to keep snakes out. Short grass, removal of debris, and trimming shrubbery make your lawn have fewer places to hide. This means that between the forest and your home there is nowhere to hide from predators, which means less prey, which leads to fewer snakes.

After this, you should check for any possible entry points that snakes and other pests could get into your home. This includes checking your doors for gaps, making sure your walls and sidings are properly sealed, and checking the gutters and roof for possible entry points. At Virginia Snake Removal, we offer a free inspection to find any way the snakes could get in. After, we will seal up the entry points with construction-grade materials, and add traps and repellant outside in case there are more. Give us a call today to start with our snake exclusion services.

Safe Removal for Snake under the House

Removing snakes is already dangerous, but in the crawl space and walls is much, much more dangerous. Having to crawl through the crawl space would make you at eye level with the snake, and if the snake feels cornered it will strike. And if you don’t have proper protection the snake can bite you in the most vulnerable areas such as the eyes which can cause blindness. The walls will make it much harder to grab the snake unless you have special equipment to remove it.

It is highly recommended that you call us at Virginia Snake Removal we will grab the snake safely, and quickly. Our technicians have years of experience and knowledge to grab that snake. If you are unsure if there is a snake, or that you are worried it will be gone by the time we get there do not worry! We offer a free initial inspection. Call us today at (540) 388-4038!

A snake such as this can lead to a snake under the home