Is There a Snake in Your Yard?

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Snake in the Yard: Benefits and Dangers

Before you try to kill the snake weigh the options if the snake is a current danger to you or your loved ones. Snakes are very beneficial to the environment, and it is against Virginia law to kill a snake unless it presents a clear and apparent danger to people or livestock.


Snakes are very beneficial to the environment as they keep the rodent population down, which means that you will see fewer rodents around your home. This also means that rodents will have less of a chance of getting into your home as well. Snakes keep prey animals’ population down, which is beneficial to plant life if you have a garden that keeps getting eaten. This also means that if there is a snake in the yard, then there are also mice.


However, snakes can also be very dangerous to humans. Here in Virginia, we have three species of snakes that are venomous, Copperhead, Cottonmouth, and Timber Rattlesnake. A bite from any of these will require immediate medical attention. Medical attention could be required for non-venomous snakes as well. As they can puncture an artery, cause infections, or sometimes their tooth can get lodged into your body.

Snake in the Yard on Mulch

Why are There Snakes in the Yard?

Snakes like all animals tend to go where there is a lot of food. For snakes, the best place to live is where they can hide, and find a ton of food like mice. This means that if your yard is frequented by snakes then that means that your yard has a lot of mice as well. Due to this, there are two methods to make your yard unattractive to snakes which are to remove their food source and places to hide. What we recommend at Virginia Snake Removal is to cut your grass frequently, remove any debris, and cut some of your shrubberies so that mice won’t have a place to hide. And if there are no mice or prey in your yard, then there are no snakes.

When are Snakes Active?

Snake activity picks up in late summer and early autumn when the temperatures start to fall. This is the period before they go into hibernation, and is when they are most active looking for food. However, this period can extend from early September or as late as December depending on the climate of the year. Snakes will spend January through April in a type of hibernation called brumation

Since snakes are cold-blooded animals, they become less active in the cooler months. During winter, snakes and other reptiles will enter brumation. Brumation is similar to hibernation but requires less sleep. Due to this, snakes can be active during the winter months, especially on warmer days. You will need to be cautious during these months as well. During the summer, snakes can be found basking in the sun, during winter.

Don’t Try to Remove the Snake Yourself!

Snake removal should only be done by a professional Snake removal expert. As stated above snakes are very dangerous, and the snake will go away on its own if you leave it alone. It is easier to deter snakes than to remove them. If you need that snake gone, do not hesitate to give us a call at (540) 388-4038. Our initial inspection is free, so you don’t have to worry about getting a fee for us to come out. We also offer prevention programs including sprays and traps which we will check and reapply bi-weekly.