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At Virginia Snake Removal, we specialize in humane snake control and prevention throughout the state. Our family-owned company leverages 25+ years expertise in effective, non-lethal snake management services that protect families and wildlife.

Our licensed technicians use strategic trapping techniques to humanely capture snakes on properties across Virginia. We identify each snake to select safe handling methods following state guidelines. Once captured, snakes are relocated to conservation areas.

In addition to removal, we offer snake exclusion services to permanently seal access points on the property. This includes fixing cracks, clearing hiding spots, removing food sources, and installing exclusion barriers.

With decades experience and specialized equipment, Virginia Snake Control provides cost-effective, ethical snake control solutions.

Our Snake Control Process

  • 1

    Comprehensive Inspection

    Our licensed Virginia snake control technicians thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of the property to identify all possible snake holes, entry points, nesting areas, habitat attractants, and food sources snakes can access.

  • 2

    Strategic Snake Trapping & Removal

    We use specialized humane Virginia snake trapping and removal techniques based on the species to safely capture and relocate all snakes found on the property away from homes.

  • 3

    Prevention and Exclusion

    Our snake exclusion services seal up all cracks, gaps, holes and access points identified during inspection to permanently prevent snakes from entering properties in Virginia using materials specifically designed to keep snakes out.

  • 4

    Follow-Up Monitoring

    Once snakes have been successfully trapped and removed from the property, we provide a follow-up inspection service to monitor for continued activity or new snakes in the area.

one of our technician holding a caught garter snake from one of our traps

Snake Control Services We Offer

Our family-owned company provides comprehensive snake control services to safely and effectively eliminate snakes, prevent future infestations, and give our customers complete peace of mind. We accomplish snake removal through expertise in exclusion, trapping, harborage control, and habitat modification for long-term solutions.

Snake Removal and trapping

Snake Removal

Our skilled snake trapping and removal techniques humanely eliminate all snakes that have already accessed the property through exclusion points or habitat. This completely rids the home of current snake issues.

Snake Exclusion

We properly seal all holes, cracks and access points inside the home and outside through barrier installation and maintenance services to permanently prevent snake entry or return. This key control service keeps new snakes out.

Harborage Removal

Debris & Harborage Removal

Removing snake harborage and food sources through brush clearing, maintaining perimeter access, and eliminating piles/debris makes conditions inhospitable by denying shelter and starving them out. This proactive measure stops snake colonization.

cottonmouth snake Virginia

Limited Use of Repellents

Though ineffective long-term, we strategically place EPA approved repellents in spaces naturally inaccessible to children/pets around confirmed snake entry ways as an additional access deterrent control paired with our core exclusion methods. These enhance control efficacy.

Serving Snake Control Customers Across Virginia

Service area for Snake Trapping in Virginia

We proudly offer snake control services across many regions of Virginia, including:

  • Alexandria
  • Blacksburg
  • Charlottesville
  • Fredericksburg
  • Lynchburg
  • Norfolk
  • Richmond
  • Roanoke
  • Virginia Beach
  • Winchester

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For immediate assistance with snake problems anywhere in Virginia, contact our professional team today. We serve homeowners statewide with ethical, effective snake control and prevention solutions while maintaining respect for native wildlife.

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