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Virginia Snake Exclusion: The Best Way to Keep Snakes Away

If you have one Snake it is best to ignore it as it will go away on its own, however if you get snakes regularly then you should start looking for ways to keep them off your property.

The most effective way to make sure that the snakes stay out here in Virginia is to remove their food source. Snakes tend to be more afraid of us humans than we are of them, so they do not want to stay near your home without a valid reason. This reason is almost always due to them smelling food near your home which can be bugs, frogs, birds, and rodents to name a few. This means that if you have snakes around your home that means you have prey near your home. Remove the prey, the snakes will not be interested in your home.

We at Virginia Snake Removal not only remove snakes but also deal with pest control as well. If you have a snake and pest problem call us at (540) 388-4038. We offer a free inspection and can list the issues that can plague your home with snakes.

Easy Ways for Virginia Snake Exclusion

Excluding snakes also means excluding the prey, as it is currently illegal to kill and/or poison snakes in Virginia unless you are in immediate danger. This means that the only way to exclude snakes is to remove their food source. There are currently three simple ways you can make your home unappealing to snakes and prey.

Cut Tall Grass and Mow Regularly

Snakes and especially mice and other prey animals love tall grass as it gives them a place to roam and hide around your yard without being seen. We recommend cutting your yard every one to two weeks to make them scared to cross your yard without being seen. However, when you do, do not put it into a pile as large piles of compost can attract rats which leads to the next point.

Snake Hiding in the Grass. Call for Snake Exclusion in Virginia!

Remove Debris From Your Yard

Removing places where snakes and rodents can hide does not only include grass. But also tree branches, bricks, underbrush, rock piles, woodpiles, and leaf piles, especially if they are located against your home. If you live in a forested area, it might be a good idea to trim or remove some trees near high-traffic areas. Debris can also mean man-made items as well, we receive numerous calls about snakes under wheelbarrows here in Virginia.

Snake Hiding in the Grass. Call for Snake Exclusion in Virginia!

Remove Sources of Food for Prey Animals

Many of us love bird and squirrel watching, but snakes do too. Birds are rather messy eaters and the area under most bird feeders is littered with material like seeds and nuts that rodents love to eat as well. Unless your feeder is spill-proof or squirrel proof, then sadly your feeder will also attract animals that attract snakes. Unless you are willing to clean up after them regularly and dispose of the spilled seeds then the feeder might have to go if you have a large snake problem.

Unprotected Bird Feeder which is a good source of food for Rodents Call for Virginia Snake Exclusion Today!

Snakes Getting Into Your Home

If snakes are getting into your home then this is a large issue. If snakes are in your home, so are the rodents. And getting them out is another hassle.  What we do here at Virginia Snake Removal is check for any access points, and then we seal them with construction-grade materials. We will also check the roof for any branches that lead to the roof and any holes or access points. If you are still having a snake issue, do not hesitate to call us at (540) 388-4038. Our inspections are free, and we will walk you through steps on how to keep snakes away from your home for good. We at Virginia Snake Removal are experts in all Snake Exclusions and Trapping in Virginia, in all locations, including in the home, yard, forest, and swamp.

Do Not Use These Snake Exclusion Methods:

Mothballs and Sulfur are very common myth that they irritate the snakes skin, and would not come back due to it. In fact many common market snake repellents contain sulfur or Naphthalene which is the main ingredient in mothballs.

However, in a 1995 study conducted by the University of Nebraska states that after testing 96 snakes down a path that was covered by Sulfur and Naphthalene, both substances did not stop the snakes at all. In fact, they did not even notice they were there.

There is also another issue with Mothballs specifically, which is that they are incredibly toxic to humans and animals. Naphthalene damages red blood cells which can cause cancer, and other illnesses. While trying to get rid of snakes, you could end up poisoning the wildlife, and children if they get their hands on them.

If you have a snake issue with your chickens, tricking them with “fake eggs” will not stop snakes from trying to get in.

In fact, what you are doing is making sure that the snake will die a slow and agonizing death. When that snake dies, many more will continue to go in.

You should focus on the deterrent methods labeled above, as you should focus on making your yard as unappealing as possible rather than killing them. Or make sure that the snakes cannot get into the coop in the first place.

This is highly illegal in Virginia!

Not only is it illegal it rarely works. Please focus on the deterrents listed above or give us a call for Virginia Snake Exclusion at 540-388-4038.

It is illegal to relocate snakes in the State of Virginia

This is due to the fact that a majority of relocated snakes die soon after being relocated

How We Repel Snakes

Here at Virginia Snake Removal, we have a few ways to make sure the snakes stay away.

First as listed above we will talk about the problem areas around your property such as tall grass, debris, and snake entry points into your home. Then we will layout our snake traps and bait stations. Once that is done, we have a scent that isn’t sulfur or naphthene-based, that will repel snakes and spread it around the perimeter of your home. The smell is not unpleasant and has a spicy smell to it. If you can smell it then snakes can easily smell it.

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