Virginia Snake Control and Removal Services

Emergency Snake Removal – 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our professional technicians at Virginia Snake Removal will come to your home or business and remove snakes that may be threatening you or your pets.

Snake Control Safety Inspections

When we come to your property for a control safety inspection, we treat each inspection as if we were inspecting our own property. After a thorough search of your property to evaluate problem areas, we make suggestions on how you can reduce future snake incidents.

What We Do

  • Snake Trapping, Snake Removal
  • Snake Control Inspections under structures
  • Removal of snakes from under homes, decks, crawlspace, attics
  • Snake Exclusions
  • Multiple snake removal
  • Property Snake Control Services
  • Maintenance contracts, schedule monthly or weekly

“There’s a snake in my house!” is one of the most common calls we get. We know this is not something that can wait until the next business day. Snake trapping and removal is something you should leave to the professionals. At Virginia Snake Removal, we have years of experience, proper equipment, and trained technicians for safe snake removal.

Our snake trappers will trap the snake and release it in an area that will be safe for both the snake and humans. We do not kill snakes, as they are an important part of the ecosystem. Snakes can be scary, but they are useful in keeping the rodent population at bay. Some snakes, like king snakes and racers, also kill and eat rattlesnakes. Virginia is home to the Timber rattlesnake, which is common only in the mountainous regions of western Virginia and a small area of extreme southeastern Virginia where they are known as canebrake rattlesnakes; they are a state endangered species, which means it’s illegal to kill them.

Humane Snake Removal

We use humane methods for snake trapping and relocation. After that, we will repair any damage done to your property. We will also check for your property for entry points and offer preventative Exclusion Services to keep your home snake-free. Our employees also have backgrounds in construction as well as wildlife and snake trapping, so they can spot any entry point and recommend the best way for sealing them off.

Keeping Snakes Away

Snakes like places that provide cover where they can hunt or rest. Because of this, snakes prefer properties with a lot of areas to hide in weeds, thick mulch, under houses and decks. We recommend making your property less attractive to snakes by keeping weeds and brush cut, removing large leaf piles, and sealing off entry points to decks or crawlspaces. A very effective snake exclusion method is the snake fence which is made of either a solid material or a mesh no bigger than ¼ inch.

A snake fence is at least three feet high, and the bottom is buried at least a few inches in the ground. A snake fence will keep the snake from being able to slither over a fence or under it. A snake fence is also safer for humans and pets than any chemical deterrents.