Northern Rough Green Snake Conservation - Least Concern
Scientific Name
Opheodrys aestivus aestivus
East of Appalachians
Also Known As
Grass Snake, Vine Snake
Thin Green Body With Yellowish Belly
Litter Size
3 - 12 per Birth
Life Span
5- 8 Years
22 - 32 Inches

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Northern Rough Green Snake

Northern Rough Green Snake Description

Northern Rough Green Snake Appearance

This is a thin bright green snake with a yellow belly.
This coloration helps it camouflage with the leaves in the trees it likes to inhabit.
When they die their color fades into a blackish or blue color. Making identification difficult for expired individuals


This snake is rather long for its thin size reaching between 22 to 32 inches long, however, the record length for this snake is about 45.6 inches. The record found in Virginia is 37.3 inches.

Juveniles tend to be 8 to 10 inches long.

Northern Rough Green Snake

This snake’s main color is a dark brown with cream belly

Northern Rough Green Snake Behavior

These snakes can frequently be seen down low in trees. However, they can sometimes be found on the ground.

They are active during the day, and in the evening they can be seen curled up in branches sleeping.

These snakes are very docile and doesn’t run away when approached, but rather freezes. They do not often bite when handled and the bite is harmless.

It is illegal in Virginia to keep Wild Snakes as pets

Range and Habitat of The Northern Rough Green Snake


These can be found all throughout Virginia, however, they do have less population up in the mountains. These snakes are everywhere throughout the south stretching out to Texas and Oklahoma, and can be seen as far north as New Jersey.


They can be found in the forests, and seen climbing low vegetation. They also frequent, meadows, tall pastures and prairies, thickets, shrubs, and woodlands.

Northern Rough Green Snake Map Range

They are not as frequent in the Mountains but can still live there

Diet of Northern Rough Green Snake

Their diet only consists of insects. They will also eat snails and tree frogs if they can get a hold of them.

Reproduction and Young


Mating for these snakes occur in the spring, and sometimes in the fall. They are polygynadrists meaning that males and females will have multiple partners

Eggs and Young

Females will lay 3 to 12 eggs in nests on the ground. These nests can be located under boards, bark in rotting stumps, or under rocks. These nests are communal which means they are shared with other Rough Green Snakes.

Juveniles will have the same coloration and patterns as the adults. At birth the juveniles are measured at 7 to 8 inches long.

Northern Rough Green Snake

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