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Quantico Snake Removal and Snake Trapping

Our Snake Control Experts provide services throughout Quantico, Virginia. If you have this animal in your home, we are prepared to help you as soon as possible. Due to this, we understand that one of these in your home is an emergency, and we offer a 24-hour removal and trapping service. Our Wildlife Removal Operators are experts in removal and control throughout Stafford County Virginia including Stafford, Alexandria, Quantico, Dumfries, Quantico, and Triangle Virginia.

Virginia Snake Removal understands that removal of these animals is an emergency, and it cannot wait. However, never try to remove them on your own! There are 3 species of these animals that are very dangerous and venomous, and telling them apart can be tricky if you do not have experience. As both venomous and nonvenomous snakes can be found inside homes as well as outside. If you encounter one of these animals you should immediately distance yourself from them, if possible keep visual contact, and call a removal expert to remove them from your home or business.

If you are unsure if it is venomous please click here to identify venomous snakes. Or familiarize yourself with what the Eastern Copperhead looks like, as this is the only venomous snake that is native to the Quantico area.

Milk Snake here in Quantico Virginia. Call for Snake Removal in Quantico

A common reaction to these animals regardless of whether they be in your home or on your property is to kill them whether or not it poses a risk or not. However, the fact is that most of these animals in the local area are harmless and even the dangerous ones would rather flee than fight. Once we begin to learn about them, we can replace our fears and misconceptions with facts. Once understood we can then appreciate the important role they have in Quantico, VA. You should never attempt to kill them as not only could this lead to a dangerous bite, but it is also illegal! So, give us a call at 540-388-4038 for Snake Removal in Quantico!

Virginia Snake Facts

They are reptiles and belong to the same crew of animals as lizards, turtles, and crocodiles. Reptiles have dry scales that are shed periodically. Unlike mammals and birds, reptiles can’t generate body heat and rely on other sources to increase their body temperature. This trait makes them wait out long periods of significant cold and warm conditions that we can see in the Quantico areas of Virginia.

They vary from other reptiles through having no legs, ears, or eyelids, and by possessing only a single functional lung. The most wonderful characteristic of them is their extraordinarily long, narrow body. Their body lets them easily climb, swim, and slip into the smallest spaces which include the home and basement areas of your house.

Although they lack ears and can’t technically hear, they do have the capacity to discover low-frequency vibrations from the air and ground. Instead of eyelids, snakes have a clear scale protecting each eye. The shedding of this scale caused the eye to cloud over for a few days, which led to the fable that they can go blind during certain instances of the year in Quantico. Give us a call for a free inspection and Snake Removal here in Quantico.

Copperhead Snake here in Quantico Virginia.

Venomous Snakes in Quantico Virginia

Out of the three venomous snakes in Virginia, one is found here in Quantico and numerous non-venomous ones. This animal is the Eastern Copperhead. Call us immediately if you think your home or property has a Copperhead. And do not attempt to touch or trap these animals. These animals are territorial and will not attack unless provoked and are likely more scared of you than you are.

Frequently Asked Snake Questions in Quantico

Yes, if bitten by a venomous snake. Immediate medical attention should be obtained. An Antivenin can be administered by hospitals and emergency care centers. It is important to keep the affected bitten extremity below the heart. Most bites occur on these hands from people trying to capture snakes.

If you have been bitten by a snake please dial 911 or visit this page for more information

The key to getting rid of snakes from your Quantico home is sealing up all the entry points and eliminating the major food sources including but not limited to mice, spiders, crickets and other insects that inhabit your home, this should be done by a professional as you never want to seal a snake up inside your home.

Call us for Quantico Snake Removal today!

The only venomous snake in Quantico is the Eastern Copperhead. Others non venomous snakes include the Black Racer, Scarlet, Eastern Hog Nose, Milk, and Ring Necked are among a few species in Virginia.

Mothballs are commonly thought to repel these animals. However, they actually have little to no effect on them at all. The best way to remove them from your property is to remove any food sources for them. A professional can suggest proper treatment to repelling these reptiles.

Snake Exclusion and Trapping in Quantico, VA

Our team of professional experts in Quantico, VA is trained and ready to tackle any wildlife problems you can have!

We have several methods to make sure that they will get out and stay out so that you will never see another slithering reptile in your home again! This includes snake trapping and removal, sealing holes, cracks and openings, and fencing barriers. We are experts at snake trapping in Quantico, and we know how to bait and trap them safely, and out of the way so guests won’t notice.

The best physical barrier to stop them from entering your home and yard is our Fence Barrier. These materials we use are 1/4-inch hardware cloth (galvanized mesh), Stakes, screws, concrete anchors, etc. Every problem is different and not every exclusion or trapping technique will be right for your home. So, we tailor our services to meet your unique requirements.

However, the best way to exclude snakes is to remove their source of food. If there is no food near your home, then they will not come! Sadly, this means that if you have a problem with these animals, then your home has an abundance of their prey. Which sadly, means to be rodents or other pests either in or near your home. We at Virginia Snake Removal, also offer pest control services as well as Snake Removal Services. Call us today for a free inspection.

Quantico Snake Trapping

Here at Virginia Snake Removal, we only offer the best snake trapping services here at Quantico. We understand that having one of these animals in your home is a frightening and potentially dangerous matter. Whether it is in the walls, attic, basement, or your yard or property we can trap them. When we go to your home we will trap them that day, if not, we will set traps to make sure that they will be trapped and move them safely away from your property.

We use bait stations that will lure them and then trap them. We will check these traps bi-weekly, to make sure that the traps stay effective, and to make sure that we have gotten all of them.

Quantico Snake Trapping - A snake trap outide on the customers property

There’s a Snake in My Home: What Do I Do?

Snakes in the home or basement are frequent throughout the chillier months when it is warmer, and cooler all through the summer months here in Quantico. Because of this, residences are also an incredible place to discover food sources such as bugs or mice. If you locate one of these animals in your house, it is highly recommended to call a specialist.

Like all rodents, fall and winter are the perfect times when they are seeking warmth, and unfortunately, your home, garage, attic, or basement is the ideal place. When this happens, they are attracted to the rodent’s presence in your home.

That being said, these animals don’t belong in your home. While do-it-yourself strategies are a popular solution, they may not work, or even worse, be hazardous to your health. Due to this, removal methods must be dealt with based on the species present, as well as the needs of your home, pets, and family.

A professional snake removal specialist will be capable to provide the most secure and humane removal of the animals in your home. It is not endorsed for homeowners to get rid of them from their homes. There they will start trapping them in your home if it starts hiding when we get there.

If you can’t get it out, or want professional help we at Virginia and Quantico Snake Removal will supply a free inspection for snake removal in Quantico and its surrounding cities.

Dekay's Brown Snake here in Quantico Virginia. Call for Quantico Snake Trapping

How Do I Prevent Them From Coming on My Property?

They are naturally drawn to places where there is a food source, and where they can hide. As such, there are certain things you can do to make your property uninviting to them, such as:

  • Remove any piles of debris, like dead wood or rocks
  • Cut your grass regularly so they can’t hide in it
  • Regularly trim hedges & bushes
  • Make sure there are no gaps under doors, windows, decks, or patios

By keeping your property tidy and well maintained, you are less likely to welcome these animals or any other unwanted critters into your yard.

If neither of these is working then, you will need to contact us at Virginia Snake Removal, as you or your neighbors have rodents or pests in your homes attracting them. We offer pest control as well as removal to make sure these animals will never come back.

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