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Snake Removal Services Orange County, VA

If you need snake control in Orange County, VA, call us immediately at (540) 388-4038. Keep a safe distance but try to keep an eye on the snake or the area where the snake is located until your snake control specialist arrives. As snakes can be very dangerous when not handled by a professional.

Virginia Snake Removal removes snakes on-site at your home, by hand. Due to this, we have special gear and equipment to handle, catch, and transport snakes for relocation. Another effective method we use is our snake traps, which are set in areas where snakes have been regularly seen.

Are you not sure if your snake is poisonous or not? Read more on How to identify venomous snakes

If you or someone have been bit follow this guide

Copperhead Snake here in Orange Virginia.

Virginia Snake Removal

Virginia Snake Removal experts handle Snake Removal and Snake Control throughout Virginia, including Spotsylvania County, Louisa County, Albemarle County, Greene County, Madison County, and Culpeper County.

Venomous Snakes in Orange County Virginia

There are three venomous snakes found in Virginia as well as many non-venomous snakes. The most common venomous snakes found throughout Virginia are: Copperhead, Cottonmouth, and the Timber Rattlesnake. If you think your home or property has either one of these snakes, call us immediately. And do not attempt to touch or trap this snake.

An Eastern Copphead in Captivity. Call us for Copperhead removal in Orange County

Eastern Copperhead

An Northern Cottonmouth also known as a Water Moccasin. Call us for Cottonmouth removal in Orange County

Northern Cottonmouth

A venomous Timber Rattlesnake here in Virginia. Call us for Orange County Snake Removal

Timber Rattlesnake

Orange County VA Snake Removal Experts

When you don’t want to deal with removing a snake on your own, the best solution is to call a local, professional snake removal company. Our wildlife removal specialists in the Orange County area are trained and well-educated on all types of wildlife, including snakes. Because of this our trained snake removal specialists will come out to your home or business and identify the snake, as well as the source of its entry if it’s in your home.

A snake removal expert may also help you remedy any further snakes from entering or finding their way on your property again. Then, he or she will then safely and humanely remove the snake from your property and relocate it to an area where there are no other homes or further conflict between humans and wildlife. If you have a snake problem or need snake removal, give us a call. We are one of the nation’s top-rated services in all types of wildlife control and snake removal.

Snake Exclusion in Orange County, VA

Our team of professional wildlife experts in Orange County, VA is trained and ready to tackle any snake problem you have!

We utilize several methods for snake exclusion, including snake trapping and removal, sealing holes, cracks and openings, and snake fencing barriers.

Snake fence barriers are the best physical barrier to stop snakes from entering your home and yard. These materials used are: Snake fence: 1/4-inch hardware cloth (galvanized mesh), Stakes, screws, concrete anchors, etc. We realize every problem is different, so we tailor our service to meet your requirements.

I Have a Snake in My Home: What Do I Do?

Snakes in the home or basement are common during the colder months where it’s warmer, and cooler during the summer months. Because of this, homes are also a great place to find food sources such as insects or mice. If you find a snake in your house, it’s best to call a snake removal specialist.

Like all rodents, fall and winter are the ideal times where they seek warmth, and unfortunately, your home, garage, attic, or basement is the perfect place. When this happens, snakes are attracted to the rodent’s presence in your home.

That being said, snakes don’t belong in your home. While DIY methods are a popular solution, they may not always be effective or safe. Due to this, snake removal methods should be handled based on the species present, as well as the needs of your home, pets, and family.

A professional snake removal specialist will be able to provide the most safe and humane removal of snakes in your home. It is not recommended for homeowners to remove snakes from their homes.

If you cannot get it the snake out, or need professional help we at Virginia Snake Removal will provide a free inspection for snake removal in Orange County and it’s surrounding counties.

How Do I Prevent Snakes From Coming on My Property?

Snakes are naturally drawn to places where there is a food source, and where they can hide. As such, there are certain things you can do to make your property uninviting to them, such as:

  • Remove any piles of debris, like dead wood or rocks
  • Cut your grass regularly so snakes can’t hide in it
  • Regularly trim hedges & bushes
  • Make sure there are no gaps under doors, windows, decks, or patios

By keeping your property tidy and well maintained, you are less likely to welcome snakes or any other unwanted critters into your yard.

Notable Cities We Service in Orange County

At Virginia Snake Removal, we do snake removal across Orange County and her cities. This includes:

If you are not in the Orange County Area do not worry, as we cover all of Virginia. But if you are still unsure, please take a look at our Service Area Page.

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