Rough Earthsnake Conservation - Least Concern
Scientific Name
Haldea striatula
Southeast Virginia
Also Known As
Striped Ground Snake, Brown Snake
Small Snake with Brown, Gray, or Reddish Body
Earthworms, Small Soft Insects
Litter Size
3 - 8 per Birth
Life Span
7 Years (In Captivity)
7 - 10 Inches

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Rough Earthsnake Description

Rough Earthsnake Appearance

The main body of the snake is brown, gray, or reddish, with a light tan or whitish belly. These snakes are often confused for De Kay’s Brown snake frequently. the best way to spot the difference between the two is that the Rough Earthsnake has a solid body, while the De Kay’s Brown Snake has light brown or dark markings on its back.


This snake is usually between 7 to 10 inches long, however, the record length for this snake is about 13 inches. The record found in Virginia is 11.6 inches.

Juveniles tend to be 3 to 4 inches long.

Rough Earthsnake

It might be hard to identify the stripes as the glossy colors tend to hide them unless you see them from a certain angle

Rough Earthsnake Behavior

These Earthsnakes are not aggressive to humans and will not bite even when handled. When threatened this snake will choose to freeze, or try to escape rather than to bite.
These snakes are secretive and solitary. They hide underground and hide under rocks, logs, and other debris. They are diggers and use their pointed snout to dig in the ground to either hide or to search for their favorite prey, earthworms.

It is illegal in Virginia to keep Wild Snakes as pets

Range and Habitat of The Rough Earthsnake


These snakes can be found found in southeastern Virginia, but can sometimes be found outside their range. These snakes’ range extends all the way down to central Texas, with Virginia and central Missouri being it’s northern range.


These snakes are diggers and prefer to hide underneath logs, rocks, gardens, and home debris. These snakes like forested areas with a lot of cover on the ground. These snakes can also be found in urban or suburban areas if there is plenty of ground to hide in.

Rough Earthsnake Map Range

This snake can be found in the waters of Eastern Virginia

Diet of Rough Earthsnake

These Earthsnake’s favorite food is earthworms. However, other soft insects can also be eaten by this snake, namely slugs, snails, and insect eggs.

Reproduction and Young


Mating season for these snakes start in the spring, and they give birth in mid summer.

Eggs and Young

These snakes do not lay eggs, but rather give live births.

The juveniles when born have the same colors and markings as the adults. These juveniles tend to be 3 to 4 inches long.

Rough Earthsnake

These snakes never bites humans.

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